Management Surveillance Systems Inc

Loss prevention throughout retail businesses is a constant concern with inventory shrinkage and the shortage of currency. Losses related to Point of Sale transactions can be a main cause of the shrinkage for the most part. With our effective POS-DVR surveillance solution we can help employers deal with these situations and protect business owners bottom line.


90% of Surveillance Systems Installed Today Fail within 3 Months!

Improper Equipment

Unprofessional Installation

No Service or Management Support


Before Management Surveillance Systems Inc. you only had 3 ways to buy Closed Captioned TV

Local Alarm Company

Discount Broker Internet

A Friend in the Business

All three of these compete on Price but what do they Know about:

  • Improving Suggestive Selling

  • Increasing Employee Productivity

  • Improving Customer Service

Cameras by themselves will not make changes in your Business!

Anyone for the right amount of money can record everything said and done in your business.

When will you find time to watch the entire Video during your daily day to day business?  

Time is money and we can help you with this!

Best Equipment Available!

5 Star Customer Satisfaction

Management Surveillance Systems Inc

Our GeoVision POS-DVR surveillance system uses video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect your assets against business losses.

While working in conjunction with GV-Data Capture, the GV-Series surveillance system can turn into a POS/DVR surveillance system, which helps you with the proper tools to remotely monitor the cashier area, associate Point of Sale transaction data with videos, record videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for emergency events.

Remember Before you met Management Surveillance Systems
You only had 3 ways to buy Commercial Security Systems

Local Alarm Company

Discount Broker Internet

A Friend in the Business


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