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Your Promotion Tools: Click Here
Your City Promotion Links: Go to My Account and on that
Page Click: See your City Pennysavers you have purchased

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City Pennysaver
To Find Top Notch Sites to Advertise Go to City Pennysaver
Search Box diagram which is located in the purple section of the site!

Search Ads:  

Step 1:  In the first box type the word: advertising

Step 2: In the second box click the drop down arrow choose: worldwide

Great Advertising from all over of the Internet Will Show Up.
If you see advertsing that you like, Join and advertise your
city.  Most advertising and banner sites are free to Join.
This will save you time from having to look for good
places to advertise on the Net.

Step 3: Once you have look at that page of advertising go back to the
Search Box by Clicking the TAB:  Home
and Repeat the Steps to Keep find more and more
Great Advertising to Join. The More Places
You Join The More You Get Seen!

Let's Make Our City Pennysavers site one of the Best Free
Co-ops on the Internet.  Go and Enter Your Best Advertising Sites.
Choose the category: Advertising so other City Pennysavers Can Join You.

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SPONSOR ADS from City Pennysavers
Get Traffic For Your Affiliate Programs

A Good Way to AdvertiseYour Affliliate Programs is to
Buy Sponsor Ads from your fellow City Pennysaver's Cities.

Why not get traffic from your own backyard and
from People you know that are promoting their Cities.
Makes Good Sense to Me.
To find a City you want to buy a Sponsored Ad From: 
Go to Tab: Top Cities  and choose a city 
After You Picked Your City Click Here: 
How to put in your sponsored ad

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Make Your Own Banners Free at
Click Here

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FaceBook Groups
If you don't know how to Join Face book Groups
Follow this Video

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Ad Boards
ON over 2000 AD BOARDS!
Your Will Have to Click
Get Your Own Ad Board to Register for Free.
Free Ad Board is Worth the Join

Ads Thumbs UP

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Here are a Few Sites to Get You Started.
Most have Promo Codes you can use.
They are found either on the Main Page
or in the Members Area!

My Web Adz
Sunshine Text Ads
100 Clicks
Real Time Solo Traffic

Tough Hits
Vegas Dream Traffic

Big Mailer
Blazing Hot Viral Mailer

List Outbreak
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Traffic Exchanges
Lifetime Traffic
Space Surf
Legacy Co-op Traffic
Get Easy Hits Co-op Traffic
Te-JV Co-op Traffic
Fast Surf

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Tim and Geo's Other Excellent Sites
Top Text Ads
Profit Banners
OoGads of Ads

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Paid Advertising
Super Solo Advertising Paid Advertising
Simple Text Adz  - has over 30 Super Solo Networks
Blazing Hot Supers and Mailer
Super Solo Network

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