Graft-A-Lash Course
South Australia
15th June 2015

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Graft-a-Lash Eyelash Extensions

By developing effective eyelash grafting training courses, Graft-A-Lash helps to ensure you are able to care for your clients and provide a quality service.

As you are working with a delicate facial area, it important to undertake training to ensure SILK and MINK eyelash extensions are grafted effectively to natural lashes. With proper knowledge of the correct techniques, you can minimise the risk of damage and guarantee the satisfaction of every customer.

Our eyelash grafting training classes will take approximately four hours during which time you will learn everything you need to know about a successful application.

Throughout the training you will learn important points such as:

Consultation with your client
Choosing the appropriate size lashes for your client
Learn the correct art of grafting the lashes
Aftercare advice for the client
10:00am - 12:00pm THEORY AND PRACTICE

Product knowledge
Before and after care
How to pick up lashes
Glue application
Attaching lashes
Applying lashes to practice doll
12:00pm - 12:30pm LUNCH

12:30 - 3:00pm PRACTICAL APPLICATION ON A LIVE MODEL (Model to be supplied by trainee).

Application of a full set of lashes to live model
Question and Answers.

Workshop Cost:
Club $495.00 includes full kit
Salon $499.00 includes full kit

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