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Tips from Georgetta Monroe

I have been testing how to get the most out of womBoost and Hot Tips!

What I have discovered is that you can get quality referrals form Twitter! I love it.

This is How I do it and what works for me. I would love to hear if anyone else
has gotten results.

1. First You Will Need Patience - that's a must on the Internet!

2. You Will need to let your Campaign Run with the first set of sentences for at least 2 times in a Row.?if you do not get referrals then read #3.

3. You will need to find 3 Sentences that work or are appealing to people to make them want to click on your link at twitter. You can tweek these while the campaign is going. Sometimes you will have to look at the product you are promoting to determine if it is of value to others and yourself and if the?product is appealing to you! When I am looking at any program that is what I think about. Just saying!! Its only my opinion.?

4. If you do not get someone joining you then you need to tweek the 3 Sentences again until you do. ?This time think about what you might click on. As soon as you get referrals leave the campaign sentences as is in the womboost.

5. You can run this campaign in womboost all the time like I do. I will not change my 3 sentences unless I stop getting referrals. It is time to start over again.

Now Over at Hot Tip
Hot Tip

I am running the same Affiliate Program?as over in the womBoost. But this time:

1. I have 4 Campaigns over at Hot Tips.

2. I have 4 different sets of Sentences that I have chosen to see which set
gets the most referrals. ?I have Different Trackers on my URL Sale Page to?
to help me determine which sentences performs the best.

3. When I find that out, I am going to run that one on Hot Tips and
maybe the 2nd Best Campaign too. ?So Now I have 2 Going at Hot Tips
and have to spend less money but have more money on the 2 that are
getting referrals.

Tip: Tracker URL Program coming real soon to? womvegas.
Stay Tuned for that!

As of 01/05/2015 I have gotten 15 Leads from the womBoost and out of that 3 Paid Referrals in my Secondary Program since I been running it (Nov. 2014) and that was during the Holidays, very slow time on the Net. womBoost is very good program. YAY!

As of 01/05/2015 and since Hot Tips was open Jan. 2nd I think, I have gotten 2 Leads from Hot Tips on for my Affiliate Program

I am spending about $3.00 a campaign on Hot Tips for Testing.
On the womboost because I know those 3 sentences work I spend $5 to $20
But you have to do what you can afford. It will all work out.

And I am still testing to see which of the 4 Campaigns performs the Best!

I am happy with Both Programs, womBoost and Hot Tips.

They are Both Winners.

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