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jan_ashby Welcome to all New Members. I just want to tell you that you can receive help from anyone in the coffee shop - at ANY hour (this is since we have members the world over). The Link to the Coffee Shop can be FOUND on the Right - it says "Coffee Shop Chat" or "Coffee Shop Fun". CLICK on it, and Ask any question. People are all very friendly here.

P.S. Also, you can use the "Easy Start Guide" on the Right side of the main page. Watch the videos too - and MAKE notes of yr questions.

P.P.S. - Here is a Link about The Coffee Shop, so you know the guidelines >> bit.ly/Coffee-Shop-Rules

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jan_ashby Today I want to share a page that will help you to explore the various options at Wom - there are 6-7 different choices, & this page will help you do that:


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jan_ashby I am the City Promoter for Stanley ND - a quaint little town that is full of friendly people, and is the county seat for Mountrail County. It is 1,824 square miles and has a number of farms and small businesses.

It is booming these days, due to the oil patch known as the Bakken formation. Because of the wealth of oil available (and thanks to the new horizontal drilling techniques), many new businesses are springing up in the Stanley area.

WHPacific, a civil engineering firm with experience in the oil and gas field (and the cold weather in Alaska) began in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are working at developing relationships here in Mountrail County. They feel they will be a good fit, because they have people with an emphasis in aviation, surveying, land development and planning, road and transportation. Their 4 core areas are transportation, energy, environmental work, & land and facility development.

This is one example of the new companies that are moving into Stanley, North Dakota.

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