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@35887 has just posted for the very first time in Coffee Shop Chat since 9/12/2010. Please welcome Herny Sanchez.

Posted in Coffee Shop chat
2017-07-08 23:52:22    

35887 Hi there,
I been on the net posting anything on the internet yet no much money since 1999 and I do not any savings in the bank until now. I'm usually an observer or just a reader. WARNING: This will be a LONG post, but I genuinely need your help so please, take some time to read this and give me some advice. I know there are a lot of these 'help me' posts, but I genuinely don't know what to do, so please. That's all I'm asking, just give me some of your time and help me.
So. Where do I begin? I'm 22 this year and I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I understand that these kinds of posts are very usual and regular, but I think I need genuine help and when I've tried voicing this, I feel like I'm only being misunderstood more and more. I am hoping that whoever reads this can give me some insightful tips and maybe if there is anything wrong with me. @khane @35887

Posted in Coffee Shop chat
2017-07-08 23:52:22    


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